quest  I’m representing an Independent film that is opening in Boston and want to get the BSFC to screen it

This is for a film that IS opening in Boston and NOT going to DVD or VOD, but opening theatrically. YOU are an independent rep, publicist or filmmaker not going through a known theater chain or national PR outlet and are looking to set up a Boston screening or get a screener out to the BSFC, please use the contact form to contact the BSFC president, but make sure you’re within the parameters stated here.

quest Interested in Intern opportunities

There is always some admin/organization work that we can use help with and can, in return, provide helpful interns with positive recommendations and some screening perks. Internships are not paid and a generally a fluid arrangement.

quest Contacting BSFC Members

As a matter of policy, we do not give out members’ contact information or an email list of our members. Please go through the/their respective editorial desks/media outlets.

quest Can I get the BSFC to review/promote my film

Well yes and no. The BSFC is an administrative organization that does not actively provide or perform press services. If you would like Boston area coverage, please contact the editorial desks at the various media outlets that interest you, and through that you may very well end up communicating with a BSFC member.

Also note we do not, as a matter of policy, give out members contact information or an email list of our members–again, please go through the/their respective media outlets.

quest How are films selected for award consideration

Any film that gets a theatrical release (in Boston), is up for consideration in its applicable categories. There is no submission or application process.

quest How do I become a BSFC member

You must be a working critic affiliated with a Boston media outlet (be it print, electronic, video, audio or otherwise) or a critic for a national (or otherwise broad) outlet, who lives in, or works out of the Boston area. You must also see the bulk of released films over the course of the year, be on an active press list and not be tethered to a single genre (this is because one major thing we do is vote on films at year’s end and if you haven’t seen enough or a good cross section—see the awards categories—it doesn’t really work). The current membership application deadline for 2022 has passed. The next application period will be April 2023. You should contact the BSFC prior to then and have your application ready for submission by this date. The membership candidacy process then takes at least 30 days.

For more information use the Contact form to reach the BSFC administration.