BSFC Winners: 1980s


1989 (NA)

  • Best Picture – Crimes and Misdemeanors
  • Best Actor  – Daniel Day-Lewis for My Left Foot
  • Best Actress – Jessica Tandy for Driving Miss Daisy
  • Best Supporting Actor – Danny Aiello for Do the Right Thing
  • Best Supporting Actresst – Brenda Fricker for My Left Foo
  • Best Director – Woody Allen for Crimes and Misdemeanor
  • Best Screenplay – Woody Allen for Crimes and Misdemeanor
  • Best Cinematography – Michael Ballhaus for The Fabulous Baker Boys
  • Best Documentary Let’s – Get Lost
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Story of Women

Special Award: Brattle Theater, on its 100th anniversary, “for maintaining the tradition of revival film programming in the Boston area and for its commitment to quality prints and projection” (the Globe’s language, not necessarily the BSFC’s)

Special Award: The Coolidge Corner Theater Foundation and Friends in Support of the Somerville Theater, “for their efforts to preserve historic theaters as sites for alternative film programming” (ditto) Best Discovery or Rediscovery: The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle (Temple), The Dybbuk (Waszynski), Coonskin (Bakshi), restored Lawrence of Arabia (Lean), Carnival of Souls (Hervey) Best Film Series: The West Rides Again (Museum of Fine Arts), The Films of Carl Theodor Dreyer (MFA), The Boston Jewish Film Festival (MFA), The Films of Anna Magnani (MFA), and The Films of John Cassavetes (Harvard Film Archive)


1988 (NA)

  • Best Picture – Bull Durham
  • Best Actress – Melanie Griffith for Working Girl
  • Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis for The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Best Supporting Actor – Dean Stockwell for Married to the Mob
  • Best Supporting Actress – Joan Cusack for Married to the Mob ( and Stars and Bars, and Working Girl)
  • Best Director – Stephen Frears for Dangerous Liasons
  • Best Screenplay – Ron Shelton for Bull Durham
  • Best Cinematography – Sven Nykvist for The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Salaam Bombay!
  • Best Documentary – The Thin Blue Line

Special Award – Liane Brandon, Boston independent filmmaker (How to Prevent a Nuclear War, et al.)

Special Award: Richard Williams, animation director on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Best Discovery or Rediscovery: The Manchurian Candidate (Frankenheimer), Frankenweenie (Burton), Lacombe, Lucien (Malle), The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart (Johnson), Blood Feast (Lewis) Best Film Series: Hollywood B.C./Before the Code (Brattle), The Hollywood Musical: A Tribute to Irving Berlin (Boston Public Library), Dennis Hopper: From Method to Madness (ICA), Re:Vision Film Festival (Brattle, ICA, HFA, and Boston Film/Video Foundation)


1987 (January 10th 1988)

  • Best Film – Hope and Glory
  • Best Actor – Albert Brooks (I) for Broadcast News
  • Best Actress – Holly Hunter for Broadcast News
  • Best Supporting Actor – R. Lee Ermey for Full Metal Jacket
  • Best Supporting Actress – Kathy Baker (I) for Street Smart
  • Best Director – Stanley Kubrick for Full Metal Jacket
  • Best Screenplay – James L. Brooks for Broadcast News
  • Best Cinematography  – Vittorio Storaro for The Last Emperor
  • Best Documentary – Marlene
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Mitt liv som hund


1986 (January 11th 1987)

  • Best Film – Blue Velvet
  • Best Actor  – Bob Hoskins for Mona Lisa
  • Best Actress – Chloe Webb for Sid and Nancy
  • Best Supporting Actor – Tie: Dennis Hopper for Blue Velvet and Ray Liotta for Something Wild
  • Best Supporting Actress – Dianne Wiest for Hannah and Her Sisters
  • Best Director – Tie: David Lynch (I) for Blue Velvet and Oliver Stone (I) for Platoon
  • Best Screenplay – Woody Allen for Hannah and Her Sisters
  • Best Cinematography Blue Velvet – Frederick Elmes
  • Best Documentary – Mother Teresa
  • Best Foreign Language Film – 37°2 le matin


1985 (January 26th 1986)

  • Best Film – Ran
  • Best Actor – Jack Nicholson for Prizzi’s Honor
  • Best Actress – Geraldine Page for The Trip to Bountiful
  • Best Supporting Actor – Ian Holm for Wetherby (also Brazil, Dance with a Stranger and Dreamchild)
  • Best Supporting Actress- Anjelica Huston for Prizzi’s Honor
  • Best Director – John Huston (I) for Prizzi’s Honor
  • Best Screenplay – Woody Allen for The Purple Rose of Cairo
  • Best Cinematography – Takao Saitô (I) and Masaharu Ueda for Ran
  • Best Documentary – Shoah
  • Best English Language Film – Prizzi’s Honor

Special Commendation – Orson Welles Cinema, Cambridge. For making available to the public controversial films that might otherwise not have been shown in the Boston area, such as ‘Je vous salue, Marie’ (1985) and the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Jean-Luc Godard’s “Je vous salue, Marie” was removed from the Sack Theatres schedule last fall after protestors objected to its present-day treatment of the Nativity story. Scheduling difficulties were cited as the reason the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival was dropped from the Nickelodeon lineup. Brazil, Norman Garwood. For achievement in production design, recognizing its nightmarish depiction of a disintegrating totalitarian city.


1984 (January 20th 1985)

  • Best Film – The Killing Fields
  • Best Actor – Haing S. Ngor for The Killing Fields
  • Best Actress – Judy Davis for A Passage to India
  • Best Supporting Actor – John Malkovich (and Places in the Heart) for The Killing Fields
  • Best Supporting Actress – Peggy Ashcroft for A Passage to India
  • Best Director – Bertrand Tavernier for Un dimanche à la campagne
  • Best Screenplay Repo Man – Alex Cox (I)
  • Best Cinematography – Chris Menges for The Killing Fields
  • Best Documentary – The Times of Harvey Milk
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Un dimanche à la campagne

Special Commendation to George Mansour – The “Repo Man Award” to the film booker for the Nickelodeon Cinema, for repossessing Repo Man from consignment to television.


1983 (January 29th 1984)

  • Best Film – La Notte di San Lorenzo
  • Best Actor  – Eric Roberts (I) for Star 80
  • Best Actress – Rosanna Arquette for Baby It’s You
  • Best Supporting Actor – Jack Nicholson for Terms of Endearment
  • Best Supporting Actress – Linda Hunt for The Year of Living Dangerously
  • Best Director – Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani for La Notte di San Lorenzo
  • Best Screenplay – Eric Rohmer for Pauline à la plage
  • Best Cinematography – Hiro Narita for Never Cry Wolf
  • Best Documentary – Say Amen, Somebody
  • Best American Film – Terms of Endearment


1982 (February 6th 1983)

  • Best Film – E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Best Actor – Dustin Hoffman for Tootsie
  • Best Actress  – Meryl Streep for Sophie’s Choice
  • Best Supporting Actor – Mickey Rourke for Diner
  • Best Supporting Actress – Jessica Lange for Tootsie
  • Best Director- Steven Spielberg (I) for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Best Screenplay – Barry Levinson (I) for Diner
  • Best Cinematography – Allen Daviau for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Best Documentary – The Atomic Cafe ‘
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Tre fratelli


1981 (January 29th 1982)

  • Best Film – Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco
  • Best Actor  – Burt Lancaster for Atlantic City
  • Best Actress – Marília Pêra for Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco
  • Best Supporting Actor  – Jack Nicholson for Reds
  • Best Supporting Actress  – Mona Washbourne for Stevie
  • Best Director – Steven Spielberg (I) for Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Best Screenplay – Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory for My Dinner with Andre –
  • Best Cinematography – Gordon Willis for Pennies from Heaven
  • Best Documentary – Diaries
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Tie: Beau-père and Taxi zum Klo Best Independent Film Gal Young ‘Un
  • Best American Film – My Dinner with Andre


1980 (March 22nd 1981)

  • Best Film – Raging Bull
  • Best Actor – Robert De Niro for Raging Bull
  • Best Actress – Gena Rowlands for Gloria
  • Best Supporting Actor – Jason Robards  for Melvin and Howard
  • Best Supporting Actress- Mary Steenburgen for Melvin and Howard
  • Best Director – Roman Polanski for Tess
  • Best Screenplay  – Bo Goldman for Melvin and Howard
  • Best Cinematography – Michael Chapman (I) for Raging Bull
  • Best Documentary – Charleen or How Long Has This Been Going On?
  • Best Foreign Language Film – Dernier métro, Le
  • Best Independent Film – Return of the Secaucus 7
  • Best American Film – Melvin and Howard