BSFC 2021 Awards for Repertory Cinema and Commendations

Best Rediscoveries:

Possession [1981, Andrzej Zulawski] at the Brattle Theatre

The Story of a Three Day Pass [1967, Melvin Van Peebles] at the Brattle Theatre (virtual cinema)

One False Move [1992, Carl Franklin] at the Brattle Theatre

Hester Street [1975, Joan Micklin Silver] at the Brattle Theatre

The Locket [1946, John Brahm] at the Brattle Theatre

Special Commendations:

To the Goethe-Institut Boston, for showcasing emerging directors and award-winning films rarely shown outside Europe through a monthly German-language film series at the Coolidge Corner Theatre and free online screenings throughout the pandemic. Danke und herzlichen glückwunsch!

To the ReelAbilities Film Festival Boston, presented by Boston Jewish Film, which marked its tenth year of celebrating persons living with disabilities, both in front of and behind the camera.

To Bestor Cram, director, producer, cinematographer and founder of Northern Light Productions for his decades of quality non-fiction filmmaking and his commitment to progressive political, social, and historical documentary work.  

To the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s Halloween Horror Marathon, the crown jewel of the Coolidge After Midnight repertory series, upon its twentieth anniversary.

To Tributes to Luther Price and Barbara Hammer, two superb evenings spotlighting legends of avant-garde queer cinema, presented by the Revolutions Per Minute Festival and hosted by the Brattle Theatre.