2018 Special Awards

BSFC 2018 Awards for Repertory Cinema and Commendations


Best Film Series

“Heroic! Women Who Inspire” at The Brattle Theatre and The Museum of Fine Arts

BostonThe Moral Tales of Hong Sang-soo” at The Harvard Film Archive

“The Afterlives of Frankenstein” at The Harvard Film Archive

“Luchino Visconti, Architect of Neorealism” at The Harvard Film Archive

“A Tribute to Takahata” at The Brattle Theatre


Best Rediscoveries

Cold Water/L’eau froide [1994, Olivier Assayas] at The Brattle Theatre
Honeysuckle Rose [1980, Jerry Schatzberg] (“A Tribute to Robby Müller”) at The Brattle Theatre

The Great Silence/Il grande silenzio [1968, Sergio Corbucci] at The Brattle Theatre

The Docks of New York [1928, Josef von Sternberg] (“Silents Please”) at The Somerville Theatre

The Changeling [1980, Peter Medak] at The Brattle Theatre


Retrospective of the Year (awarded in memory of David Pendleton)

“Darkness Unto Light: The Cinema of Ingmar Bergman/Ingmar Bergman 100” at The Harvard Film Archive, The Brattle Theatre and The Coolidge Corner Theatre



To Documentary Educational Resources, for 50 years of distributing, producing, and supporting ethnographic films that foster cross-cultural understanding and empathy, as well as supporting local filmmakers and prioritizing underrepresented voices.

To the Roxbury International Film Festival, which 20 years ago addressed a void in the Boston film scene and has since flourished as a major showcase for filmmakers of color, both established and emerging, and a venue in which Boston audiences can view a wide range of works depicting stories of people of color, set in our city and around the world.

To the Boston Underground Film Festival for 20 years of scouring the dark alleys of the cinematic world for transgressive gems, and bringing home to an appreciative audience the best in film and video high weirdness.