2017 Special Awards


Best Film Series

“A Year of Women in Cinema” at The Brattle Theatre

“Hachimiri Madness! Japanese Independents from the Punk Years” at The Harvard Film Archive

“Harry Dean Stanton: Say Something True” at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

“Frederick Wiseman: For the Record” at The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

“Robert Mitchum Centennial Tribute” at The Brattle Theatre


Best Rediscoveries

Targets [1968, Peter Bogdanovich] at The Brattle Theatre

The Loom [1986, Stan Brakhage] (“Stan Brakhage’s Metaphors on Vision”) at The Harvard Film Archive

Seven Beauties [1975, Lina Wertmuller] (“The Films of Lina Wertmuller”) at The Brattle Theatre

The Brig [1964, Jonas Mekas] (“Scenes from the Life of a Happy Man … The Films of Jonas Mekas”) at The Harvard Film Archive

A Bay of Blood [1971, Mario Bava] (“Mario Bava and the Birth of Italian Giallo”) at The Brattle Theatre


Retrospective of the Year (awarded in memory of David Pendleton)

“The Complete Jean Renoir” at The Harvard Film Archive



To The Brattle Theatre for ensuring that the iconic Boston movieThe Friends of Eddie Coyle can once again be seen by cinema audiences. With no prints to be found of the 1973 film starring Robert Mitchum, the Brattle convinced Paramount Pictures that there was demand for the picture and made a significant financial contribution to the studio’s creation of a DCP of the digital restoration that had been done for a DVD release.

To Boston-based musicians and silent-film-music scholars Martin Marks, Robert Humphreville and Jeff Rapsis, whose live accompaniment at silent-film screenings have delighted Boston audiences for many years. Their artistry was particularly sublime this year during the silent component of The Harvard Film Archive’s “That Certain Feeling … The Touch of Ernst Lubitsch,” a series requiring music for broad comedies, extravagant adventures and subtle dramas.

To the Waltham-based, artist-run film collective AgX Boston, for creating a space dedicated to fostering skill-building and interest in photochemical-based moving images through workshops, events and collaborative experimentation.